Happy members!
Happy members!

Before Joining CLBC, Please read the following statements ( click each one to view)

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Boat Storage Policy


Champion Lakes Boating Club is a small friendly club and welcomes all people who would like to paddle for recreation or competition purposes!

 Members Benefits

1. Learn good canoeing skills through sound instruction in a safe environment

2. Access instructional programs and events organised by Paddle WA

3. Free use of club equipment

4. Opportunities exist for private boat storage

5. Participate in a healthy outdoor low – impact sport/past time in the company of others.


Annual Fees 2024 
Adult $40 Paddle Australia, $50 Paddle WA, $140 CLBC $230
Junior $20 Paddle Australia, $30 Paddle WA, $120 CLBC $170
Senior (Seniors Card Holder) $40 Paddle Australia, $50 Paddle WA, $120 CLBC $210
Concession (Health Card holder) Junior $20 Paddle Australia, $30 Paddle WA, $85 CLBC $140
Concession (Health Card holder) Adult $40 Paddle Australia, $50 Paddle WA, $115 CLBC $205
Second Club-Adult CLBC fee only $140
Second Club-Junior CLBC fee only $120
Come and Try (online free insurance valid for one month) Free
* All fees are paid online in the Paddle Australia website (valid for 12 months from date of payment):


Boat Storage (Limited spaces are available)


Sharing a shelf $70

Access Key

Paddlers will also need to purchase a Access Key which will open the island gates, boat shed and toilets/showers. This is a one off fee that we pay to Venues West, the owners/managers of the Regatta Centre (Fee: $36) Payable AFTER Paying to join club

CLUB INFORMATION SHEET 2024-2025 ( Click to view)