Kayak Club boat storage rules

Club Boat information and boat shelf plan including private and club boats


boat rack 1 boat rack 2 Club trailer











Repairs to club boats were very expensive last year.

The committee have decided one of the ways to minimize this damage is to provide some guidelines on the use and storage of club boats.

Club boats are any boat which has a CLBC sticker on it.


Please find attached these guidelines along with boat shelf plans for private and club boats on either the mobile racks or club trailer.

Please note we have not included a side shelf layout at this stage.

These have been attached to the sliding doors closest to the club trailer/bitumen road.


The portion of your club fees which goes to the kayak committee to pay for

  1. repairs,
  2. purchase of boats
  3. trophies etc

The amount is small and ranges from $30-$50 per person, depending on your type of membership.

Sixty dollars goes to pay rent

$40-$50 goes to Australian Canoeing:

  1. Insurance
  2. Website services.

I hope this makes it clearer why we have to be extremely careful with what assets we have.


We also encourage members to buy their own boats where possible to take pressure off the club boats.

Club boats are only offered as an interim service.