Club Polo Shirts


close-up-of-polo-shirtRemember this is the easiest and cheapest advertising a club can have. They are great dress shirts and people ask constantly what CLBC stands for.
As an extra you could always have your discipline embroidered under the logo, as I have done.
When we have 5 of a size ordered and paid for, Pontague will make them up so please get your orders in.
Special deal on 2XL, 3 XL and 5xl

Please find attached an Excel Order form for you to download, complete and email to me at:

I would like to place an order before Christmas, ready for the new year.

PS. We do have a a limited amount of shirts still available on the shelf at the old price of $35. We will no longer be keeping any shirts in stock, but will be doing orders such as this current one. Contact me to see if your size is still available in our shelf stock.