Para Canoe Opportunities at Champion Lakes Boating Club

December 2019


Champion Lakes Boating Club welcomes people with disabilities who would like to paddle. Champion Lakes Regatta Centre has substantial areas of level beach to access the water and pontoons, although there is a limestone wall that is challenging! Facility Managers, Venues West, have installed a non slip ramp but the incline makes it still necessary for wheelchair users to have assistance. There are also showers and toilets, compliant in access. The club has future plans to get a removable hoist to attach to the pontoon to make access even easier for paddlers and their carers.

The club has run a series of Come and Try Days during 2012, 2013 and 2014 to ascertain the community interest and as a result have commenced a regular training session on a Sunday afternoon for those members who are interested. As with all club training, this is only for financial members.

The club has a policy that paddlers with high needs should have carers who are prepared to support them on the water. This entails participating in a Basic Skills lesson to ensure the carer has a good awareness of basic paddling and safety. The club also welcomes and encourages family members joining to enhance the learning experience.

There is  an expectation that many paddlers will be able to join existing club training sessions once their skills are sufficient. We have a dynamic juniors group that have several training sessions throughout the week and also some serious sprint training sessions to consider joining.

The club encourages participation in sprint regattas and marathon events throughout the year. There are also numerous social paddles/excursions to join.


If you are interested in paddling and haven’t paddled before contact us and we will let you know when we are having another Come and Try session or lessons.


Robyn Brown