Christmas Wind up 2016


CLBC kayakers had lots of fun celebrating 2016 at the Christmas windup. Well done to our great coaches Agnes, Atti, Greg and Tait for their enthusiasm and tireless work.
Congratulations to our 2016 trophy winners:
Junior Girl, Gabby O Callaghan
Junior Boy, Koby Good Gerne
Senior Girl, Harriette Alexis
Senior Boy, Jared Leach
Most Improved Paddler, Claire O Callaghan
Adult Paddler, Rod Hale, for his solo effort in the Avon Descent
Volunteer of the Year, Christine Weller
Rubber Ducky Award 2015 (for doing something silly!) Atti Kaplan who managed to lock his keys and change of clothes in the boatshed.
Rubber Ducky Award 2016, Kathy Mallory, for an unscheduled swim with her wheelchair in the lake.
Thanks to all the parents who support their children and our club.