Some results, progress and challenges with the Australian Championships Regatta currently running at Champion Lakes

CLBC gold medallist Kathy Mallory and her training buddy support person Allan Mumford.
We are very proud of our CLBC gold medallist Kathy Mallory and her training buddy/support person Allan Mumford.

We are very proud of our CLBC gold medallist Kathy Mallory and her training buddy/support person Allan Mumford.

Hi club members

If you are a Facebook user, you will have seen some terrific photos of our members paddling their hearts out at this regatta.

I apologize to those, not on FB… I will do an article in our next Newsletter.



Bronze to Harriette Alexis (CLBC) and Gabby Bushby (AKC) in Women’s Under 14 K2 500

Bronze to Angelina Good Gerne in Women’s Under 14 K1 2500 ( Harriette Alexis 4th and


Bronze to:

Harriette Alexis,

Oneli Weerisinghe,

Angelina Good Gerne and Gabby Bushby (AKC)  in Womens Under 14 K4 500

Silver to Kathy Mallory in Womens Para Canoe.

Plus loads of great PBs.

I hope I haven’t missed any medals!




As for every great sports event, they aren’t possible without people generously volunteering.

I would like to thank our club members (and family!) who have done this.

It has been the responsibility of the WA paddling community to find the volunteers for Australian Canoing!

Every club has been asked to help.

WA paddling received blow; Venues West did not ensure that the third set of starting gates were in order.

AC forced to use the large floating starting platform.

That used for rowing regattas at the 1000 m and must hold boats by hand.

So every club asked to dig deep to give some time to help hold boats.


At the end of this regatta, I hope you all send complaints to Venues West.

Also to our local MP Toni Buti and the Minister for Sport Mia Davies.

It is an embarrassment.

The State Government Venue Management organization can not provide suitable equipment for an Olympic selection regatta.

They had 6 months notice to get these gates working.


The duty of holding a boat is not arduous.

You need to lay down on a cushioned mattress and lean over the edge to hang onto the boat.

There are few many events, but if they do not get 8 boat holders for the 1000 m events listed they will cancel them.

….an awful scenario for our young athletes and again an embarrassing situation…

Our wonderful coaches; Agnes and Tait have already done a couple of stints.


We are targeting guppy parents as many of these parents will be at the lake on Saturday and Sunday.


The times left for boat holding duties are:







11:45- 12:15pm


Holders need to report to the base of the timing tower.

Need to be there half an hour before the first race starts.

Please email Louise: to let us know your availability

We also need a couple of helpers to set up morning tea in the function room.

Upstairs tomorrow morning at 8:30 and again on Sunday morning at 8:30 am. We had four ladies on Thursday do this.

They also bought food, but there will be enough for the weekend.

It is really a matter of making sure the urn is full and on, there are tea and coffee on the bench.

Also that the scones, muffins, lollies, etc. neatly displayed. Those are there so officials / volunteers can help themselves.

I envisage you will be able to disappear by 9:30am at the latest.

Maybe one of the parents could help do this too as it takes so little time but helps make the day run smoothly. Any queries and you contact Louise Carbone or me.

One special mention about a club member, Laz who got up at 2:30am yesterday morning. He had to finish his home business work so he could volunteer. Amazing effort Laz…. and I spotted him back there today.

Love to see the commitment and smiling faces!

Remember ….this event only comes to WA every 4 years.

It is a chance to see some amazing young athletes, some of whom you will see on the TV in August at RIO.

Once again thanks to the marvellous effort you are making.




Robyn Brown

Kayaking Cordinator

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