Australian Canoeing National Canoe Polo Championships


Over the Easter break Champion Lakes hosted the 2010 Australian Canoeing National Canoe  Polo Championships. On Saturday the 3rd of April an exhibition match between the Champion Lakes Boating Club juniors and the Mandurah Paddling Club juniors was held.
 It was a new experience for all of the Champion Lakes guys who had never played using the proper goals, which are located several meters in the air, unlike the edge of the pontoons which we are used to using.
Each team was given two experienced junior canoe polo players to help us out with the rules and tactics of the game. Throughout the three games they taught us many skills including picking up the ball using the paddle, how to edge the kayak so that you don’t get tipped over by the opposition and how to play zone defence.
It was extraordinary to watch the seniors play. They hit so hard and threw the ball so fast!!! Not to mention their unbelievable skills; dribbling the ball so fast it doesn’t even look like they let go of their paddle and their ability to do a quick one-handed hand roll when capsized.
It was an extremely fun day, I’m not sure what was better, watching the older guys play, winning 3 out of 3 games, learning some new skills from the helpful juniors or the incredible burgers from the fast food van.
By Cody Power