More Fun at Moore River Marathon


What a day to remember for Ron Beed. In his first kayak race he won the Over 35 Short Plastic Class. Not bad for someone who thought they had come last! I guess we’ll see a lot more of the little yellow boat on Champion Lakes now Ron! Taitiarna Brown and Graham Owen also won places in their categories. It was a very pleasant day for paddling, with a light easterly blowing and lots of water in the river- a far cry from last year when someone opened the sandbar and all the water flowed out!

A few CLBC members and their families made a weekend of it enjoying a camp over and meal together at the historical Willow Brook Farm  on Saturday. This delightful caravan park is on a farming property on the Gingin Brook Road, established in the 1870s with wonderful gardens and historic buildings. The nice touch were the free scones and jam and cream that the host, Kay provided all day on Sunday but unfortunately for the paddlers in our little party we had to leave early Sunday morning so missed out but I believe Genny and Pamela had my share! In true form the Brown family forgot something on the camping trip. This time it was quite important- the 4 bolts to hold the camper trailer upright but thanks to hospitable park owners we managed to borrow a few bolts from their shed/toolkit and spent a safe and happy night.  My daughters have obviously been watching way too much TV as they were a bit freaked out by the presence of the pioneering family’s historic gravestones on the property. 

The bad luck story of the weekend came from Genny Black. Her and her husband were on their way to Guilderton when they hit a kangaroo on Wanneroo Road Saturday lunchtime, smashed the kayak, front windscreen , car roof etc.  Nobody told that roo he was supposed to be sleeping at that time of day. So Genny never got to race down the Moore River and the little blue boat is looking mighty sick!